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At Old Stump Brewing Co.™, the DNA of our distinctive beers draws heavily from Austrian, German and European traditions & standards. Then our Master Brewer, Harald, a native-born Austrian, folds in good old-fashion American innovation and more than a dash of pioneering spirit. The results are complex, eminently drinkable brews that reward the beer drinker with every sip.

Proudly Made with American Ingredients

Our ingredients are 100% American, sourced from the best farms nationwide, and locally whenever possible. We buy hops from Washington and Oregon, famous for their outstanding crops. Grains, malts and yeasts all come from fine US producers. For recipes using fruit, we use fruit purees with natural fruit from American growers. We never use artificial flavors.

Old Stump Brewing Co.™ Beer Styles

Here at Old Stump Brewing, we serve more than 20 fine beers and hard seltzers, most of which are always on tap, with a few here-and-gone offerings. Our brewers are constantly creating unique brews based on the season, availability of special ingredients or different brewing methods. These sell out fast, so sign up here to get on our “First Suds” notification list. We’ll let you know about our next special release.

Top Sellers

Blonde Conniption

Award Winner Blonde Conniption

Honey Blonde


Mosey Cat

Black and white mural painted by Jonas Never on the walls of the Old Stump Brewing taproom

Old Stump Ales & Lagers

These are lighter beers with lower IBU (International Bitterness Units) ratings and ABV% (Alcohol by Volume), making many an excellent session beer (having less than a 5% ABV). Known for a smooth taste and easy drinking with different foods or on their own, our Blonde Conniption and Torrey Pine Pilsner (2019 Bronze Medalist) represent this class admirably.

Lagers are a great platform for trying new ingredients and styles as the bite of the hops doesn’t overpower the subtle flavors of fruit, herbs and special yeasts. Show Me UR Melons and Muffin Top are two excellent examples. Pale ales and lagers pair well with nearly any dish, making them versatile beers to drink with a meal.

Ales are a milder, maltier option offering hints of toffee and caramel. Ales are also darker and where you’ll find your brown and red brews. Easy to drink by themselves, they pair well with bar-b-qued and grilled foods, enhancing the char and caramelization of the dishes. Our legendary Nut Job Brown (2019 Bronze Medalist) and Rusty Gasket Red Ales are must-tries on your next visit.

Light Beers

OKTOBER Fest Vienna Lager
SEASONAL: A light bodied easy drinking Lager, copper in color and low in hop bitterness with hints of malty aroma and a slight sweet finish. The flavor is of a notable toasted, or roasted, character.
SEASONAL: A Pale Lager, light in color with restrained malt and light corn flavor profile across the recipe. Low bitterness, light in mouth feel and extremely refreshing on the palate with a brilliantly clear pour. Highly popular and well received by all palates.
A traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen with notes of banana & clove characteristics and relatively low bitter flavor. Lightly hopped with Northern Brewer and Willamette hops.
A Blonde Ale brewed with Orange Blossom Honey, this beer’s light malt profile and light hops, balances the flavors of Orange Blossom Honey.
A light Blonde Ale finished in late fermentation with Watermelon, with a slight pink color. It is very light and easy drinking beer with low esters and single hopped.
Award Winner Blonde Conniption
Nicely balanced Blonde with a malt profile low in esters and single hopped with Washington State Willamette Hops.

Middle of the Road Beers

An Irish Amber/Red Ale with a light malty profile, low hops, and a smooth light flavor. Medium body and a mellow malty flavor.

Old Stump IPAs

IPAs are frequently hop-heavy and have the IBU ratings to prove it. If you like hops, you’ll love IPAs. While the hops flavors and aromas are the stars of the IPA lineup, like our Summer and Mosey Cat IPA taps, they can support other flavors, especially citrus like our Thank God It’s Shady Citra. These gems pair well with heartier dishes.

You’ll also see Double IPAs (or DIPAs) on our list. Like the Imperial tag often associated with Stouts, the double designation means the ABV runs at 7.5% and above. Our Pineapple Coast Haze IPA and Double D’s DIPA will make any IPA fan sip for joy.

Old Stump kegs ready to be filled.
Award Winner Pineapple Coastal Haze
Do we feel guilty having a favorite among all our "children"? Nah, and once you taste this creamy, tropical tasting IPA, you'll understand why it's our fav.
Double IPA made with Amarillo & Cascade. Our Double D’s is exceptionally smooth & surprisingly easy to drink.
Double New England style IPA. Soft, pillowy mouthfeel, light carbonation, hazy golden color. This IPA is brewed and double dry hopped with 100% mosaic hops.
New England hazy style IPA, juicy and balanced mix of fruity and floral hops. Made with Galaxy, Azacca and lots and lots of Mosaic hops.
summer ipa
A bone dry, light bodied, low sugar IPA. Made with Galaxy, Azacca & Mittlefrau hops creating a medley of floral flavor and aroma with low bitterness
Picture of the different types of glasses Old Stump Brewing uses to serve their beer properly.

Old Stump Dark Beers

Dark Beers and IPAs share one thing in common, people either love them or they just don’t know them yet. That’s the beauty of craft breweries like ours; there’s something for everyone. And for those who love the dark brew, we have you covered with our P-Town Porter (2018 Silver Medalist) and our No Tan Lines Coconut Milk Stout.

Wait, did we say milk stout? Does the stout contain milk? No, the recipe calls for milk lactose. Still, if you are lactose intolerant, please choose a different brew. If in doubt, ask us.

Dark Beers pair well with hearty fare like shepherd’s pie or stews and are perfect by themselves.

A traditional Irish dark beer with a malty full body profile sweetened with milk sugar. Made with dark roasted grains, lactose for a nice creamy finish and Irish Ale yeast.
Irish dark beer sweetened with milk sugar and added coconut cream. Made with dark roasted grains, lactose, Irish Ale yeast and coconut for a nice finish.
SEASONAL: Darker golden color, notes of banana and pear with an underlying flavor of malt. A low hop profile allows the toasty biscuit flavors shine through.

Old Stump Sour Beers

For this unique breed, the word “sour” can be misleading. These masterpieces of the brewer’s art can be sour but are pleasantly tart. Our Master Brewer Harald says, “You need two sips of a sour before you can honestly decide if it’s for you. The first sip alerts your palette to expect something different. The second sip brings out the flavors of the beer, revealing its true character.”

Sour Beers excel at delivering fruit, floral and herbal flavors. Being lighter, they pair nicely with lighter fare that complements their flavors and aromas. Salads and quiches are excellent matches. Our Raspberry Lemonade Gose’ (2021 Gold Medalist) and Gose’ O’ Keeffe will not disappoint!

Check back often for our seasonal flavors on a rotating basis.

Old Stump growler filled with their craft beer
Gose style is at least 50% wheat with a lemon sourness. We use a Kolsch style yeast and add raspberries giving this beer a fruity. Tart taste.
Old Stump Brewing Tap Room set up for a customer’s birthday celebration.

Old Stump Hard Seltzers

Hard Seltzers are the ideal option for the people in your group who are not beer connoisseurs or who are looking for a drink that is lower in calories than beer. We believe they bridge the gap between beer and wine nicely and boast rich fruit, citrus and berry flavors and aromas. We only use natural fruit purees in our Seltzers to deliver distinctive flavor. Our brewers love experimenting with ingredients like prickly pear to provide something deliciously different.

Like Pale Ales, Seltzers pair well with lighter fare, especially dishes featuring fruits and berries. Give our Blood Orange and White Peach Hard Seltzers a test taste. You too, beer drinkers! Treat your taste buds to something new.

Check back often for our seasonal flavors on a rotating basis.

Hard Adult Slushies
This frozen goodness is perfect for anytime. Our Adult Slushies come in a variety of flavors that rotate on a weekly basis.
Crisp and refreshing, brewed with blood oranges, which has an aroma and flavor similar to a combination of the sweet citrus and candied orange peels.
Crisp and refreshing, our white peach hard seltzer is brewed with white peaches, which has an aroma and flavor similar to a combination of the tastiest tropical fruit.

Let’s Get Together

Drop by to see what’s on tap today. You can also check our schedule of food-truck vendors and events. After all, delicious beer, great food and top-shelf entertainment equal a celebration.

Or be adventurous and come on by. See you on the patio!

At Old Stump Brewing, we're always happy to see you. Got a question about our beer, tap room, bands or food trucks? Just ask.

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