Here at Old Stump Brewing Co.™, we’re all about celebrating people, events and worthy causes with carefully crafted beer, fine food and great music. Here’s a bit more about our brewery and passion for life you won’t find on our History page.

The Best Craft Brewery in Pomona? We Think So.

We strive to be the best craft brewery here in Pomona and surrounding areas where we share that scene with four other breweries. We start each day with a goal to brew and serve the finest beer you’ll find this side of Austria. We know you have choices when you want a delicious craft beer, so we are glad you chose to drink ours. (Yes, it’s a rewording of an airline slogan, but until airlines start serving our beer on-board, we think our experience beats airline travel any day).

Pomona Tap Room

Beer goes best in a cheerful, welcoming setting; not too fancy and not too drab: you know, it’s a Goldilocks kind of thing. It’s just right! We modeled our Pomona Tap Room along the lines of an Austrian beer hall, sans the lederhosen and dirndl (although you are welcome to wear them if you have them: no judgment here!).

Benches, small tables, big tables, lively acoustics and an industrial vibe are perfect for sharing a beer and celebrating with friends in any size group, or even on your own.

Interior image of the Pomona Tap Room ready for customers
Picture of five different tacos from a food truck at Old Stump Brewing

Food Truck Craft Cuisine

Not too long ago, using “food truck” and “cuisine” in the same sentence would have been hilarious (or at least received an eye roll). Today, it’s delicious. We bring in food trucks whose owners see craft food the same way we see craft beer – a passion worth sharing. We usually feature one truck Monday – Thursday and two or more on busy weekends.

Live Music in Pomona

When you think of beer halls in Austria, Bavaria and Germany, you can’t help but think of music. Beer and music seem to have a natural affinity for each other. 

So, we wanted to recreate a similar feel here in Pomona. 

Fear not, though; you won’t run headlong into incessant oompah music. Instead, we search out and host an eclectic blend of musical styles to provide new and fresh choices to our customers.

Blues band on stage at Old Stump Brewing Company
Old Stump Brewing Tap Room set up for a customer’s birthday celebration.
Old Stump Brewing offers outdoor patio seating, some under an awning.

Pomona’s Private Event Venue

Need a great place to hold your next private event? Whether it’s a fundraising event to support a worthy cause, an office party, a birthday or anniversary party, or just a gathering of friends, Old Stump Brewing Co.™ offers a perfect setting for your event.

True, we can’t host Coachella-size crowds, but we can comfortably (and legally) accommodate up to 250 people inside our facility. The Tree of Trust Room, our space for private events, can handle 85 happy guests (and 3 grumpy ones), and another 65 under an optional patio tent. It offers indoor and patio-style seating and celebration options.

Use our contact form to get more information about scheduling your private or community event.

This and That

We strive to make your visit to our Pomona tap room enjoyable and memorable. To ensure the quality of every customer’s visit, here are a few things you should know.


We’re dog people ourselves and know the joy of canine companionship. Well-mannered, leashed dogs are welcome on our outdoor back patio! In the case of biological accidents, please clean up. We’ll provide the necessary items.


We’re kid people too, so well-behaved and supervised children are welcome until 9:00 PM.

We Card

Bring your ID so we stay right with the law. It’s not about you; we card our own parents, too!

Polite French Bulldog at Old Stump Brewing
Gentleman toasting with an Old Stump Brewing beer

Hoist a Pint of Our Finest at Old Stump

We invite you to stop by and see what we’re all about. 

We open our doors at 3 PM, Monday – Friday and High Noon on Saturday and Sunday. You can see the complete range of hours and our address on the Contact page

See you on the patio!

At Old Stump Brewing, we're always happy to see you. Got a question about our beer, tap room, bands or food trucks? Just ask.

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