Food Trucks

At Old Stump Brewing Co., fine craft beer meets fine craft food every day. We spend a lot of time finding, vetting and scheduling the best food trucks in the Pomona and all over Southern California to serve our customers. There’s at least one food truck every weekday and two or more on weekends when crowds are bigger (with appetites to match).

Food truck workers serving customers
Hoppy Tacos Food truck at Old Stump Brewing Co.

Why Food Trucks at Old Stump Instead of Our Own Menu?

Today’s food trucks differ significantly from being a last-resort food choice to being gourmet kitchens on wheels. These folks take pride in their product and deliver quality food in every bite. And, there are so many different types of food we can bring in, we could never offer a similar variety if we had our own kitchen.

So we use the diversity of food truck offerings to enhance your experience, adding to the excitement and adventure with every visit to Old Stump. Besides, we know beer, so we leave the cooking to the experts.

Here are a few examples of the styles our food trucks provide:

  • Mariscos Mondays – Mexican-style seafood
  • Hibachi – Japanese
  • Fire Pizza – American and Italian
  • Satay – Southeast Asian and Indonesian (Sate)
  • Pupusas – Salvadoran
  • Che Empanadas – Authentic Argentinian

We publish a schedule of our food trucks on our Events page so you can pick a food type and style you love. Or, be adventurous and stop by without checking the schedule. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

Not Just Any Food Trucks

We hold our food truck vendors to the same high standards we set for ourselves. Food trucks at Old Stump Brewing must be:

  • Immaculately clean, inside and out
  • Staffed with friendly and efficient employees
  • Fill orders fast and accurately
  • Stocked with enough food that they won’t run out

Finally, they must charge a customer-friendly amount for their food as Hollywood prices don’t cut it with us or our customers.

You might think these requirements scare off potential food trucks. That isn’t the case because we have a waiting list of food trucks interested in serving our customers. As we said, these vendors are as passionate about their craft as we are about ours, and they want to build and protect their reputation.

Food truck Burgers at Old Stump Brewing

How Can Your Food Truck Be Chosen for Old Stump?

We are always looking for additional food trucks to keep our variety fresh and inviting for our customers. If you’d like to be considered, use our contact form and select Food Truck Vendor from the drop-down list. We’ll do our research and let you know if we add you to our list.

At Old Stump Brewing, we're always happy to see you. Got a question about our beer, tap room, bands or food trucks? Just ask.

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