Music improves celebrations, events, date nights, after work gatherings and weekend outings. That’s why we have live bands Friday and Sunday nights, DJs on Saturday nights, and mix tracks at other times. Great beer, top-notch food and music – ah, nothing better.

Music at Old Stump

Come discover some new music in the best venue in Pomona, Old Stump Brewing Co.™! We can’t think of a better way to spend an evening enjoying the beautiful California weather than with a finely crafted beer in one hand and some righteously delicious food truck chow in the other – all tied together with great music.

At Old Stump Brewing, we like our music like we like our beer: full of character. In keeping with that spirit, we showcase bands and our resident DJ Chemtrail who spins in various genres:

  • Reggae
  • Jazz
  • Tribute Bands / Cover Bands
  • Classic Rock
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Pop

Being a local brewery, we lean toward talented local bands you may not know but you will certainly enjoy. We’ve helped many bands grow their fan base through their performances on our stage. Our customers are great fans (who love great beer) because they appreciate fine music (and fine beer) and are loyal to their favorite bands (and favorite beer).

Some bands are family-friendly, while others are a bit more “edgy” and perhaps not suitable for the little ones.

Check the live music schedule of bands and DJs on our website and stop in when you see something you fancy. We look forward to your visit.

Reggae band playing for a crowd
Kiss tribute band at Old Stump Brewing in Pomona

Bands Love to play at the Old Stump Brewing Venue

We’re in the enviable position of having bands and DJs compete for spots in our schedule. It wasn’t always this way, but once bands experienced our venue, the word began to spread.

So, why the interest in playing in front of Old Stump Brewing customers?

  • Our staff, stage, lighting and sound are professional, top-to-bottom. Your music and performance will get the treatment it deserves.
  • Each band gets exposure to hundreds and perhaps thousands of potential new fans, growing the awareness of their music.
  • It’s fun to play in front of happy, enthusiastic audiences.
  • You can stick around after the show and enjoy fine beer and food.

How Do We Select the Bands and DJs?

We vet bands as thoroughly as we do our food trucks. If you’re in a band and want to get on our schedule, use our contact form and select Bands & Music from the drop-down menu. We have a scout who takes it from there, checking your website, watching YouTube performances, checking your social media presence and maybe even attending one of your gigs.

Why do we go through such an extensive process? Well, we are a popular venue, so we want the best performers we can find. More importantly, we want to get a genuine, first-hand feel for your music and performances. Sometimes online videos and other media don’t do you justice. Finally, we must ensure you’re family-friendly.

Let us hear from you if you’re interested. Contact us now.

Red Hot Cholo Peppers at Old Stump
Local band playing at Old Stump Brewing

At Old Stump Brewing, we're always happy to see you. Got a question about our beer, tap room, bands or food trucks? Just ask.

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