Light Beers


Hugh Hef

A nice balance of banana and clove in the aroma and flavor, and some people pick up a little hint of bubble gum in the finish, but none of those are in the beer. Well balanced between fruit and spice. We use sweet orange peel and coriander to make this masterpiece.

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Muffin Top

Based on the same base as our Conniption and fruit infused but with blueberry. Think of a nice juicy blueberry. Not super sweet or tart. Pleasant blueberry aroma, flavor and subtle undertones. Great for a hot day. Clean and crisp. A “crushable” beer. (You’re going to drink that whole beer in no time at all).

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Show Me Ur Melons

A crisp light blonde ale with an incredible watermelon finish. Nice balance of blonde ale and watermelon. Great beer for someone looking for a little extra pop in their beer. Amazing natural watermelon flavor with no chemical taste. Like eating a fresh watermelon on a hot sunny day.

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