Apricot Gose

Apricot Gose

German style beer that is at least 50% wheat with a slight salty tartness. This award winning Gose is infused with apricots giving this beer a sweet aroma with a slight tart taste.

OKTOBER Fest Vienna Lager

OKTOBER Fest Vienna Lager

A light bodied easy drinking Lager, copper in color and low in hop bitterness with hints of malty aroma and a slight sweet finish. The flavor is of a notable toasted, or roasted, character.


Nut Job Brown Ale

A seasonal beer brewed when the stars align just right. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know when we’re tapping this ale.


2020 Juan Mexican Lager

Very light, our lightest drinking brew. Super crisp. Very easy to drink, clean & crisp. Did we mention it’s crisp? Well, it is. Very. Great beer for after work, working around the house or just having a nice relaxing day.


Nitro Milk Stout

Milk chocolate flavor, creamy mouthfeel, no bitterness, lightly sweet, beautiful dark beer with a tan head; hard not to get mesmerized by the beautiful cascade flowing down the side of the glass.